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Up on the Mountain Top. Down in the Abyss.

Yesterday I spent a significant portion of the day crying and confronting the abyss of sadness that 2020 gifted us: isolation. Typically my life as a parent is involved enough that I don’t have the luxury of crying as a … Continue reading

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Love or Obedience: My Spiritual Journey Thus Far

Challenging Times We are in tumultuous times. And to be clear, the tumult I’m referring to is living in a pandemic crisis, during a time of reckoning for systemic racism in our country, with a president who incites more chaos … Continue reading

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Living Below The Line: Day 1

“LIVE BELOW THE LINE” was scrawled in Collin’s handwriting on our kitchen chalkboard when I stumbled down the steps bleary-eyed and half awake. “Today’s the day! We’re doing this. Sen and Junes were all in for starting today.”  Cue the … Continue reading

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“Forget your perfect offering”

I usually wait for inspiration to move me to write, and then I write in a kind of fugue state. I leave myself behind and tap into something other. It is like I enter a place made of ideas and … Continue reading

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A Life Illuminated

Something happened to me this year just after my February breakthrough that I mentioned in my last post. I was finally able to connect with my life here in Vermont on a deeper level. My moods are no longer determined … Continue reading

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Finding the Solitude in Isolation

The two last lines of Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day, are resounding within my soul right now: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Those two lines taken out of … Continue reading

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finding transcendence in every day life

We’ve now lived through three seasons of life here on 64 acres atop a mountain in Vermont. Nature is pervasive here—the sounds, fragrances, sights, and sensations we experience are all from the forest, the pond, the creek, or the animals … Continue reading

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Vermont Life

It’s time for a new installment of our Vermont life update!  We have had many experiences here in Vermont that have been rewarding and required a lot of work, growth, and a sense of humor. Even just from when we … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap: Existential Anxiety

It all goes back to when everything was a singularity—when all the matter that existed was on top of itself and time didn’t yet exist. I mean, that’s really backing up a lot, but really, I do think it starts … Continue reading

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Leaving 2016 with these thoughts on relationships

Humans need each other. Emotionally, spiritually, neuro-biologically, and physically we need to have meaningful relationships in order to be healthy. Learning how to meaningfully connect with others will continue to be a lifelong journey for me. I’ve spent the past … Continue reading

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