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my clean(ish) food journey continues (with recipes!)

I haven’t posted in too long. I haven’t slept more than 3 consecutive hours in too long too. There is a correlation there; I’m sure. So what am I eating these days? Lots of people wonder what I DO eat … Continue reading

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To measure or not to measure…

To measure or not to measure. That has been the question I’ve had on this intervention. On the one hand, measures are useful indicators. On the other hand, for some of us, they come with a whole lot of feelings. … Continue reading

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About my clean foods intervention.

For the next one hundred and twenty something days…until January 1 (midnight–New Year’s Eve) I will be adhering to this clean foods intervention that I designed for myself. Why? Here are a few of my reasons (in no particular order): … Continue reading

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Wellness is a complex, holistic and lifelong pursuit.

DAY ONE of my intervention. It’s going well. I plan to write here regularly over the next few months to take time to reflect. I plan on writing at least twice a week. Next time I post, I will include … Continue reading

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the battle between my inner food junkie and my inner health coach

There are two personalities dueling inside of me. I’m speaking metaphorically, to be clear. Apart from the fact that there are not two people fencing inside my body, I also do not mean to imply that I honestly do have … Continue reading

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