A bit about me:
I love learning, and I love sharing the journey of discovery with others. I love the exchange of ideas and beliefs, and I love trying to figure out what makes life the way that it is. I love analyzing people and God, culture and nature. I think that relationships and love are paramount.

Additionally, I love baking, hiking, running, camping, backpacking, writing, reading, traveling, and many other verbs that all have to do with engaging in this life and making it the most that it can be.

I do not like prejudice, discrimination, or injustice. I also don’t love crafts.

A bit about my family:
I am married to my true love and best friend (named Collin). When we became friends, I discovered what it means to have a soul mate. Collin is the best kind of rascal; he is unafraid to be irreverent when appropriate, yet his heart remains steadfastly committed to love, to good, and to what is right. His appreciation for all that makes this life here on earth a beautiful gift is contagious.

Collin and I have two daughters (Senya Mai and Juniper Sky) that we made from scratch.  Senya (4) is passionate, intense, hilarious, and adventurous. Juniper (1) is jovial,  passionate, resilient and snuggly. We are so honored and excited to love them, guide them, and to share this life with them. We also have a magical creature that is referred to as a dog, but we know her to be a treasured friend and family member (named Zuri).

Also, we are vegetarians. Except Zuri.

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