Why it’s worth a difficult day of traveling…

Two days ago was a doozy. Picture violent fits on a tiny airplane. Picture little pals screaming and spitting and yelling at well-meaning strangers (flight attendants, taxi drivers, and anyone who looked in our direction, generally). Picture a long day of traveling and waiting to travel and being out of our hotel room hours before our flight, a delayed flight, and then taxi drivers who insist on driving you even when they have absolutely no idea where to go (and yet they just start driving).



Imagine after all that wanting desperately to just arrive at a comfy hotel where you can all fall asleep only to find that the room is approximately 90 degrees and there’s no baby crib; there’s just a dingy sofa mattress on the floor for your baby. And thank GOD that you decide you’re definitely NOT going to put your precious baby on that dingy mattress because mere moments after you resolve not to do so, a SPIDER THE SIZE OF YOUR HAND (not exaggerating. I promise.) runs across the dingy mattress. Imagine both kids screaming (mostly because *their mother* is screaming) and a desperate dad/husband running around chasing that large animal-esque spider with a random, large umbrella (circa 1975) that he grabbed from the corner of the room. Imagine that the spider is now jumping. JUMPING. At everyone. And landing on dedicated dad/husband from time to time causing more screaming. More screaming from everyone. It was more terrifying than any scene from Arachnophobia. Comical now for sure, but at the time…it was less than awesome.


I did not sleep much more than a few uncomfortable winks that night. I clutched Juniper in my arms all night, and Collin held Senya. As I was lying in bed, I was wondering why we do this…why Collin and I always choose the path that is inevitably less easy, less comfortable, less normal. I was questioning my decision making skills and my wisdom as a mom.


And then.


After a taxi and a boat ride the next morning…


We arrived to Railay Beach.


This beach is amazing. It has gem-colored water, a wide, sandy beach with lots of space to play. It’s surrounded by large, limestone cliffs and tropical jungle. The ocean has a silky, soft sandy bottom, and the water is shallow, calm, and bath-temperature. It’s perfect for our family.


Senya wears her awesome shark floaty vest (my friend Katie is a genius for introducing me to this kind of floaty suit for kids that makes them entirely water-independent) and can splash and run and swim in the water like it’s her own, personal ocean. Junes floats around in her floaty or crawls at the waters’ edge. She plays in the white, soft sand. The sun is warm and strong. Our private cottage is clean and comfortable with every amenity we could want. And as Senya observed on her own, “it’s just footsteps to the beach. Like no stairs or anything.”

This is awesome. It’s a life highlight. A dream come true. And today is just the beginning of a 9 day stretch here.


And this is why, I remember again and again in my life with one Collin Russell Palkovitz, we seldom choose the easier path. It’s because the path with one or two giant spiders along the way may lead to a tropical paradise. A day full of fits accidentally making a plane-full of enemies is worth limestone cliffs that plunge into tropical waters. It’s worth hearing your daughter cheer again and again in the water “this is the BEST time I’ve EVER had!!! This is AMAZING!!!!”


In other news, our Bangkok week last week was also really fun. We got to see Shane a couple of days, chase large monitor lizards that were wandering in a park, paddle in swan boats across a pond, have ice cream every day, and swim in the pool for hours at a time.


So far, so good, Thailand.


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10 Responses to Why it’s worth a difficult day of traveling…

  1. jason says:

    What kind of spider is that? That’s an amazing story! The beach looks gorgeous, so glad you guys are having such a great time there.

    • Lindsay says:

      Collin googled it to learn that it is called a Giant Crab Spider. It’s bite is only harmful to invertebrates (so they say). I wasn’t really going to just go unconscious trusting that our spines would keep us safe from his friends who might be lurking nearby.

  2. Mom says:

    these are great life lessons for us all….so so healthy for you guys….also, yes, it was funny as i read it ( about the spider) and could just see you holding each girl through the night and not sleeping a wink….or collin fighting the spider and then it starts to jump onto him….thanks so much for keeping us informed…and i am with jason, what kind of spider was that!

  3. Pap says:

    So, the view is most assuredly worth the climb! And though the moments are ephemeral, the memories are indelible.

  4. judy says:

    Wow! So true, about many things in life! The easy road is seldom the most rewarding…and how often we second guess ourselves along the way. What good things they are learning, though . Many things that will make their lives rich and full. Sometimes the best that life has to offer takes determination, and stamina to keep going, but in the end it’s so very worth it! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Lindsay says:

      Yep, it’s true, Judy; rewards don’t always come easily. And sometimes they’re even more appreciated after some struggle, I think. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  5. Jessic says:

    Whoa. The whole jumping, huge spider landing on Collin and just scaring you all in one tiny room is quite a story. So glad everyone is okay. And so glad you all have spines (for more reason than one).

    Those pictures are incredible!!!

    • Lindsay says:

      Haha! Thank you for reading, Jessic! It was pretty wild to be hunkered down in a dingy place with a giant spider, but this relaxing week at the beach has balanced out that crazy experience.

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