The past few days Collin was in New York City for work. Darby, Jason, Lyric and Ollie were kind enough to invite Senya, Zuri, and me to their home for the days that Collin was gone. I missed Collin, and I am so glad he’s home. It was pretty fun, though, to get to be with such fun people for a few days.


Here are some examples:


Sen and Jase developed some fun new games (i.e., below is the manual “frog hopper”).

I got to have quality time with my fantastic niece and nephew.


Jase and I went running each night, and I’m making my way back to being a self-identified “runner.”


Darbs watched Sen on Wednesday morning so I could do boot camp in the pouring rain. It was, as always, intense.


Then last night, Darby and Jase volunteered to watch Sen so Collin and I could go on a dinner date. We ordered some amazing Indian food on Santa Monica Boulevard and then watched the sunset as we ate.

Oh, and furry somehow made it on our date, too.

I’m really glad he’s home. And as I was dancing with Sen in the kitchen to a band I’ve recently started to love (Local Natives), she was snuggled into my chest. I was struck by how completely content and happy we both were and how close I feel to her. I can’t express adequately how thankful I am to Collin for giving me this gift of getting to be with her so much. He’s working really hard, and I really appreciate the life that I have right now.

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