Do what you’re doing with all of your heart.

So, in terms of an update: we went to Mosaic yesterday (that’s a church) in Pasadena. We have been both Sundays that we have been in LA, and it’s a fun way to spend our day. Darby, Jason, Lyric, and Ollie were there yesterday too. After church we went out for a bite to eat at a really great restaurant called the Peach Cafe in Monrovia. They had all kinds of delicious and interesting breakfast and lunch foods.


Then we went for a hike at a beautiful place that Collin selected. It was a waterfall trail, and it smelled nice the whole time. Sen was in a perfectly happy mood the whole day; she slept for part of the hike to the big waterfall. She then played in the waterfall stream and had a great time at the top. She was very happy the whole hike down the trail in her little backpack. It was fun. We finished the day by picking up Zuri from our little Topanga house and then heading down to Darby et. al’s house to eat a quick bite (I made a pizza with artichoke dip in lieu of the red sauce).


And as for what I’ll write regarding today~


I woke up at 5:30 this morning (as I do most boot camp mornings). Boot camp was pretty intense, plus I ran a little over 5 miles today. It’s kind of awesome up there on those bluffs in the morning. There are so many people who are working out, running, doing yoga, enjoying a walk, or being active in some way. There is an energy that exists up there that feels like my goals and dreams are really not that far fetched. It feels like I could accomplish what I set out to do in life, and there will probably be some excellent unexpected surprises as well.


I do really consider what that fellow boot camper told me to be good advice (“just show up, and just keep showing up”). I’d like to add to her advice that if you work diligently with what you have, more opportunities will make themselves available to you. I see this happen a lot in my life and in other peoples’ lives. Sometimes you have to start small with things that might not feel as big as the enthusiasm inside you. But if you do what you have set in front of you with all your heart, I really think that it matters.


Oftentimes, taking a long road to your destination builds a character strong enough to handle the even bigger successes that eventually will come your way. And a good character is worth a lot—whether your successes are more personal in nature such as in relationships, overcoming personal struggles, or mastering skills, or whether they extend to other areas of life such as in a career, financial prosperity, fame, etc.—taking the long road there will make you stronger. Whenever I reach the top of a mountain, so much of what makes that view so rewarding is how much it took to get there.


I’m thinking about the above principle as it pertains to Collin as he is working so hard at a new job. I’m thinking about it with myself in mind, as I’m staying at home full time for the first time ever with Senya in an entirely different set of circumstances than home has ever been. I’m thinking about that feeling when one’s heart longs for something more or different than it currently has, but yet, the person with that heart still gets up daily and puts every bit of themselves into what they currently do have. And maybe you just can’t put all of yourself into your job; maybe you can’t put all of yourself into some particulars of your circumstances. But I suggest finding something in which you can sincerely invest yourself. Being connected to a sincere love for what you are doing (at least in one area of your life) is so healthy.


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