A good Saturday.

Today the four of us went hiking at a park called Corral Canyon in Malibu. It was pretty fun because we were the only people on the trail, so once we hiked far enough away from PCH that you couldn’t hear the traffic it felt really familiar. Being in nature feels so normal for me, and we haven’t had much of that since we arrived here. Topanga is a pretty natural-style place, but I haven’t lived this close to neighbors since getting married. It’s a little different for me, and it’s a bit of an adjustment. So, it was nice to get outside and find some space to ourselves.


Sen had a fantastic time digging in the dirt and hiking down the mountain (I back-packed her up and then we let her loose so she could hike down on her own. She LOVED it!)

Then she was very tired.

Then we set out for home by way of our the dog-friendly spot on the beach near our mountain and let our web-footed furry friend splash around for a bit while our darling daughter played in the sand and marveled at the birds.


Last night was fun, too. Collin and I went out for a date at one of my favorite restaurants around here, Marmalade Cafe.


I’m working on finding my groove here, as all four of us are. And part of Collin finding his groove has entailed starting his very own blog! Check it out.

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8 Responses to A good Saturday.

  1. jason says:

    I’ve never actually been to Corral Canyon. I’ll have to check it out! Looks like fun, and I’m glad Senya liked it so much.

  2. Mom says:

    This is adorable…..senya’s first hike!…..you sound like you are having a blast!

  3. Mom says:

    This is adorable…..senya’s first hike!…..Miss you….18 days til we see you!…..yay

  4. sare says:

    that looks beautiful!!! Sen is soooo adorable!!

  5. Dad says:

    Ah yes. The dirt hill welcomes you back to childhood adventure! Cute little trailblazer!

  6. mehmeh says:

    Those pictures were hilarious. Looks like lots of fun! For you know, hikers.

  7. Mom says:

    Bet she slept well

  8. judy says:

    I knew she’d be a great little hiker!
    Has she been walking long enough to appreciate a ride in the backpack sometimes?

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