Boot Camp.

Yesterday morning, I woke up before my alarm (I had woken up several times preempting it so that Senya would not be awoken at 5:30 and decide that’s normal). I got ready, and left the house for my first day of boot camp in Santa Monica. It was a beautiful drive down our mountain and to the coastline. It felt adventurous to set out on my own to begin a new sort of “project” in a brand new place.


When I arrived (30 minutes early), I found a good parking spot, walked to the edge of the Santa Monica bluffs and looked out on the ocean for 15 minutes. It was cathartic to have some time alone with my thoughts about all the change that has recently transpired and all the novelty that continues to emerge daily.


When I approached the designated spot for boot camp, I saw a young girl (in her twenties) and I asked her if she was there for Angela’s boot camp. She responded that she was, and we chatted a little bit. We soon discovered that we were both from Pennsylvania and that we had only recently relocated here. “What brought you to LA?” I asked. “Well, I’m featured in this next season of an MTV show that is airing this October. Angela is my personal trainer.” Here’s the show’s trailer (I looked it up when I got home):



Then Angela arrived, and her hospitality and energy were contagious and put me at ease. The group also was really nice and funny and down to earth. Apparently, I picked a great time slot (according to the rest of the participants present and also my own observations).  The 7:30 group is friendly but also super intense about the workout. I was the only new person in the group, but I didn’t feel out of place. My neighbor to my right was very disarming and after a little chit-chat about my newness to the area and to boot camp specifically, she gave me some advice. “I’ve been working with Angela for a while now, and I’ve learned to just show up. If you’re sick, just show up. If you wake up with a hang over, just show up. If you feel good or not, just show up. You’ll always be glad that you did.”


We commenced the workout with a quick warm-up run around a loop on the Santa Monica bluffs. The rest of our hour was spent doing all kinds of strength training and intense work-out moves that were new to me. I was really challenged by her workout, but I left feeling inspired. Angela is a perfect blend of supportive and tough. She pushes people to reach deep within themselves to find the reasons that brought them to her during the most intense parts of the workout. She is really smart too, and she took [brief] bits of time when we were recovering from each specific series of exercises to explain the science behind her program design. I’m so glad that I’m doing this.

My muscles are sore today, but it’s not so bad that I am anything but excited to go back for more tomorrow.

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