Focus Group Discussion Success!

Earlier in the day we went to visit a literacy and education class for women in a village named Mwachombe. It was really cool. These women are learning how to read and write and do mathematics. Our church, VCF, helps support this initiative to empower rural women through literacy efforts and education; it was really great to see that the program is really benefiting these women.

We delivered some toys to the women’s children, by request from our niece Isla.

Afterwards I had my first really great focus group. The girls were shy at first, but after a while they seemed to become much more comfortable talking with me. They were in Standard 8, which means they were probably about 16 years old.

By the end of the discussion, they were asking me all kinds of questions, wanting to see pictures of my life at home, and asking me when I would return to Kwale. It made me happy to be able to build a positive rapport with these girls and answer some of their health-related questions in such a short amount of time. It made me think about how much progress I could make  if I spent even just another month here specifically dedicated to implementing a health program for girls.

I also got to sleep in this morning, even though it was not my morning to do so by our alternating schedule. Collin just gave me the morning to sleep in for free while he and Senya went for a walk to the beach in the early morning hours.

Senya and I got to have a lot of quality time together throughout the day, too. I love this girl SO much! She is so special, and I think that she really enjoys living her life.

So, all in all, it was a great day.

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