Focus Group Flops

Focus groups haven’t been quite as smooth of an operation for me as I had hoped that they would be. Last night the school sent girls without consent forms, so I had to abandon the study plans. Tonight I got the quietest group of girls ever who seemingly had nothing to say.

I think that one major obstacle I am facing is that I am trying to generate open discussions about sex and HIV/AIDS with Islamic girls. It’s not encouraged for girls to discuss sex, and this makes this part of my study rather difficult. The girls that I had tonight were very young (12-14). Perhaps the older girls will feel more comfortable sharing in my upcoming focus groups. I have at four more scheduled, so I am hopeful that those will be better.

Collin’s been having a grand old time with the boys, though. He is like a sex education comedian, apparently, because I hear roars of laughter while I am sitting in silence with my girls waiting for anyone to say anything.

In other news, I am really looking forward to our return home. I am still appreciating our time here, but I have made some adjustments to my spring schedule that make me really excited to live my life again at home. I will only be taking one class, I dropped some extra-curricular activities (two committees for school), and I have decided to focus more on what I have set before me and less on scrambling to figure out my future. And what I have set before me looks pretty darn good right now.

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