A quick post before bed

Terry suggested that we take the day off today because we had to work last Saturday. She noticed that yesterday Senya seemed exhausted by the end of the work day (she sprang to life as soon as it was just the three of us, which is a funny thing that I’ve noticed that she does lately).

We went to Mombasa this morning, and that was pretty fun. We wanted to go in to have lunch at this place called Dorman’s and also to visit the old city market. It was fun/overwhelming. Senya felt the same way, I think. She was kicking her legs in delight as Collin carried her through the streets of the old city until all at once the noise, the smells, the ladies shouting, “give me your baby,” and the beating sun were all just too much. She cried a sad “please just take me home” cry, and I concurred. We are, after all, from a log cabin in Pennsylvania. We can only enjoy a crowded city in the beating sun for so long.

Then we came back to Diani and went to the beach for a little bit before going to a place called Sherlock for dinner.

Observations from today:

  • Collin got veggie burgers for both lunch and dinner.
  • People really do shout or say “give me your baby” to us a lot. None of the three of us are fans of this social norm here.
  • Senya can be dressed in a pink dress and people will still refer to her as “him” or “he” before asking whether she is a “he” or “she.” I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised about this because…
  • Men wear skirts here. I mean, they are like wraps or something, but for all intents and purposes they are skirts. And some tough looking guys wear these–Masai for example.
  • The manager here at our cottage compound is kind of a piece of work. She walks into our cottage unannounced if we leave our door open. When we first met, she said, “give me your baby.”
  • People dress warmly here regardless of the fact that it is summer in Sub-saharan East Africa. The only time we have ever been stopped by the police was when they told us we should really be wearing jackets.
  • We sent out our laundry to be done and it came back smelling far worse than when we sent it.

And good night.

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