A quick post before bed

Terry suggested that we take the day off today because we had to work last Saturday. She noticed that yesterday Senya seemed exhausted by the end of the work day (she sprang to life as soon as it was just the three of us, which is a funny thing that I’ve noticed that she does lately).

We went to Mombasa this morning, and that was pretty fun. We wanted to go in to have lunch at this place called Dorman’s and also to visit the old city market. It was fun/overwhelming. Senya felt the same way, I think. She was kicking her legs in delight as Collin carried her through the streets of the old city until all at once the noise, the smells, the ladies shouting, “give me your baby,” and the beating sun were all just too much. She cried a sad “please just take me home” cry, and I concurred. We are, after all, from a log cabin in Pennsylvania. We can only enjoy a crowded city in the beating sun for so long.

Then we came back to Diani and went to the beach for a little bit before going to a place called Sherlock for dinner.

Observations from today:

  • Collin got veggie burgers for both lunch and dinner.
  • People really do shout or say “give me your baby” to us a lot. None of the three of us are fans of this social norm here.
  • Senya can be dressed in a pink dress and people will still refer to her as “him” or “he” before asking whether she is a “he” or “she.” I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised about this because…
  • Men wear skirts here. I mean, they are like wraps or something, but for all intents and purposes they are skirts. And some tough looking guys wear these–Masai for example.
  • The manager here at our cottage compound is kind of a piece of work. She walks into our cottage unannounced if we leave our door open. When we first met, she said, “give me your baby.”
  • People dress warmly here regardless of the fact that it is summer in Sub-saharan East Africa. The only time we have ever been stopped by the police was when they told us we should really be wearing jackets.
  • We sent out our laundry to be done and it came back smelling far worse than when we sent it.

And good night.

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19 Responses to A quick post before bed

  1. mam says:

    i love the hoochie cootchie pose senya has on the beach…glad to see she has a sun hat…that same moon was entertaining dad and i last night with t…there or herehe reflection on the sea …what the heck with the police stopping you about jackets…do they think it is immodest…? i am glad you are protective of your little girl…just because people yell a demand to hold her does not make it necessary and most of all i love terri for suggesting you take a break…pacing yourself is important…it protects your sanity i would suppose…love you so much…

    • Lindsay says:

      I knew you would be so happy about that sun hat, mom! She seems to love wearing it, too! The police stopped us because there is just a strong belief here that you need to bundle up if there is any wind. This incident was last time we were here when we were riding a motorcycle in tshirts. But this time around, people have disapproved of the fact that Senya only wears a onesie.
      Love you so much, too!

    • jason says:

      I think hoochie cootchie means something differently to me. At least I hope it does.

      • Lindsay says:

        I think so too, but it’s mam-speak, so it’s a different dialect where enchanted hoosy means a good Disney ride. And by a good Disney ride, I just mean like Space Mountain.

        • Collin says:

          Haha! So you specified what “a good disney ride” means. I can already see an inappropriate comment from Jase about that!

  2. Jason says:

    Hahaha give me your baby!!! That’s too much.

    I kind of agree on the clothing. I feel like once it’s hot enough you might as well just wear what you want. It’s not like you’re going to be cool. Wear a jacket.

    • Lindsay says:

      The “give me your baby” is so crazy to me.

      And whew! I disagree. I used to wear long skirts and tshirts because that’s just what I thought you did when you traveled to a developing country. Turns out, there is no reason to do this here. And wearing a tank top and a shorter skirt or dress is much cooler. No jackets for me, thanks.

  3. Shannon says:

    Love, love, love Senya’s beach pose. That sucker needs to be blown up! That is so sad about your laundry though, I’m very particular when it comes to laundry… wish you could overnight yours to me and I could do it for you. I would too!

    Thanks for the updates!

    • Lindsay says:

      I LOVE that picture too! I really do need to start printing some of these pictures we have of her.
      And the laundry. Man, I wish I could take you up on your offer! I am daydreaming about what fresh laundry smells like.
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Jessic says:

    The laundry is a bummer. Smelly clothes kind of bother me. And oh man, you guys would be so proud of me cause I went to dinner with a friend in NYC this week and I ordered a veggie burger. Too bad it was awful and I only ate the bun around it after determining it thus. But still, I tried, and I think that deserves at least one thumb up.

    MIss you all.

    • Lindsay says:

      I lost my internet connection just as I was trying to post your comment! What is this internet scheme to shut down our communication?!
      Anyway, smelly laundry is a huge problem, in my opinion. It’s terrible to smell bad against my will. We need to re-wash our clothes ASAP.
      Sorry about the fork. And the disappointing veggie burger. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for trying!
      Serious dits on missing you too!

    • jason says:

      I think Veggie Burgers have done a disservice to the Vegetarian cause because they are disgusting to all but the Fundamentalist Faithful Vegetarians. I mean, why even make them? I realized the other day that most of what I eat is technically Vegetarian – peanut butter, bread, pasta, fruit, jelly, pizza, you get the idea. But I think of Vegetarian food as being so gross.

      And it’s because of that darn Veggie Burger.

      • Jessic says:

        But I actually had one that tasted good at the Palkovitz’s (I really don’t know how to make that name plural). And that is what gave me the courage to order it at a restaurant. But it was a terrible, mushy thing. I wondered if I had accidentally ordered an amorphous blob with even blobbier things inside the blob. But I think that’s the kind of thing you’d remember ordering, so I am pretty sure I didn’t. Shane says it’s all in the way you prepare it and I think this was prepared the same way that the movie Ghost Busters prepared Slimer.

      • Lindsay says:

        I do see what you are saying, veggie burger discussion aside.

        Processed vegetarian/vegan food that substitutes for meat or dairy is its own daunting (and agreeably gross at times) thing.

        But, many other cultures have it right, in my opinion. That’s why I love Thai food, Indian food, Italian food–there are plenty of delicious things that are meat free (sometimes even dairy free, too) naturally. Delicious.

        • Collin says:

          I agree that the best vegetarian food is usually food that is prepared exactly as it is meant to be and just so happens to not have any meat in it.

          Even as a fundamentalist, I can admit that some of the weird substitutes would be better used as compost or backfill for a foundation or something like that. Seriously, some of that stuff is gross. That said, I liked some veggie burgers better than meat burgers years before I was a vegetarian. I just really like some of them. However, ew…. I know what you mean about the blobby ones. Ugh! Nasty.

  5. Jessic says:

    haha. ‘sorry about the fork’ never ceases to make me laugh. and you use the statement perfectly.

    and yep. dits. major major dits.

  6. Rachel Liu-Ballard says:

    oh my goodness lindsay!
    this is the first blog posting ever that i have laughed out loud while reading…both your post and the comments. love it all.
    i can only imagine why people keep telling you to give them your baby, i had the same overwhelming urge when we first saw her. thankfully i controlled myself as to not scare her and you:)
    i really hope we get to see you guys soon because i want to hear about your research and what it was like over there. it sounds amazing. also it would just be fun to hang out with you guys:)
    lots of love.

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