Seven months of Senya

We spent the day doing questionnaires in two more schools, but the most noteworthy fact about today is that it is Senya’s 7 month birthday. This girl is so precious, and I love knowing her and being her mom.

I am not an artist, but I like the concept I’ve heard some sculptors express of basically discovering the sculpture from within the medium. It’s my honor and joy to get to see this beautiful person develop and become more and more apparently herself every day. As her parent, I shape how she develops, but I also see so much of her own personality radiating from within. Her spirit is like that deep glacier blue color that I love, glowing from within the ice. She laughs a lot, even in her sleep. And when she’s sad or scared, I am confident I could scale mountains, lift cars, or stop a speeding train to rectify whatever it is that’s causing her pain.

She expects joy. She greets each new day with happiness. Her bright, blue eyes look for good, it seems. She wants to laugh. She squeals with delight when she sees the ocean, her dad, Zuri, or one of her beloved toys. She is innocent and pure. She doesn’t understand harshness. She loves herself; she smiles when she sees her reflection in the mirror. She is fascinated by her feet. She senses her accomplishment when she masters a new skill. She is determined to develop, to reach, to learn, to grow. She marvels at beauty and details.

She appreciates new experiences and new sensations. She loves music, especially music that has a good beat, an interesting rhythm, minor chords, or a good bass line. She loves to move! She is always squirming, kicking, sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth, or playing with something. She moves so much, it’s one of the first things that people here say when they see her; “she’s very active, isn’t she?” She’s always been that way, ever since I first felt her little body move when I was pregnant with her.

My, how I’ve even felt nostalgic at times–when I’ve had to leave her for work or school– for those days that she was just as much a part of me as any other person could ever be. But, I wouldn’t trade then for now; as much as it is difficult to let her go one way as I go another, I am just so glad she’s here. I wanted her for so long; I pictured her and dreamt about her for years before she arrived. And now she’s here, and that beautiful fact never ceases to be a miracle to my eternally thankful heart.

She looks to Collin and me as her references in this world she is exploring. And yet, we are discovering so much as we view the world through her eyes.

So, after work, we went to a favorite restaurant of ours called Forty Thieves. The restaurant is on the beach, meaning there is sand underfoot and an ocean in front of you and everything. This evening the moon was full, and the light it cast on the sand and water was extraordinary. Senya enjoyed the ocean front ambience as we ate dinner, and afterward she loved putting her feet in the water and sand. Then we drove to a fantastic homemade italian ice cream shop, and we even got her a tiny scoop of her own pineapple sorbet. The three of us ate our treats under the full moonlight, laughing as Senya made the “mmmmmm” sound after each bite! What a funny girl, and she loves to make us laugh, too.

Happy 7 month birthday, little one. I am glad you are here. You are such a special person, and I treasure this time in life that I have with you.

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