Arriving at the coast

January 8, 2011

Senya seemed thrilled to be in Mombasa last night. She slept for the full duration of the 50 minute flight from Nairobi, and she woke with enthusiasm for the new climate and surroundings. It is much warmer here on the coast than it was in Nairobi. Pleasantly and surprisingly, our rental car (is nice, first of all, and also) has air conditioning. That will really give us an unprecedented advantage over the sub-equatorial heat here. The driver’s seat is on the right, the stick shift is on the left, and you are supposed to drive on the left side of the road (unless you are swerving to miss craters, goats, chickens pushcarts, trash-fires, or slow cars) so that makes for an interesting experience.

The car also has a tape deck which allows us to use my iPhone for music. So, as Collin navigated our air conditioned car down the hectic, winding streets of Mombassa, across the ferry and down Digo road (yes, it’s really called that) our soundtrack was Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World. Senya was kicking her legs and giggling in full support of the tunes we selected for our road trip to our cottage.

We arrived last night to what used to be Rosy’s Cottages; it is now operated under different management and is called Sunrise Cottages. For the past two visits we’ve made here (2008 & 2009), we have stayed in cottage 5 here. This year, that cottage was occupied, so they put us in cottage number 1. Collin got us set up with internet via a USB drive so now we have internet everywhere we go here in Kenya. Senya seems to be in heaven here. She is happy every moment that she is awake. Actually, she even laughs in her sleep.

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5 Responses to Arriving at the coast

  1. Shane says:

    This sounds like a fantastic time. But if the Senator (you know, future Miss Tea Party) gits upset, just do the scarf dance; she’ll be cracking up in no time flat.

    • Lindsay says:

      Ha, ha about all of this. I suppose if Senya really wanted to rebel against us than joining the Tea Party would be the right way to do it. I hope the scarf dance is strong enough to overcome even that. But alas, I do not know the scarf dance. You should return to the U.S. of Africa and teach it to me.

  2. Jessic says:

    yay for the AC. And the music. And all those laughs from Sen. It all sounds so beautiful, and I love to read about it.

    • Lindsay says:

      Yes. The AC and music really makes it feel like we are just at home here: going to the grocery store, talking on our way to work, enjoying daily life, laughing with Sen, or giving her a car-ride nap. It’s a wonderful upgrade to have a car here.

  3. mam says:

    i love that senya is so happy…laughing even in her sleep…sounds like she is processing the events of the day and they are happy ones for her…and i can’t tell you how happy you have air conditioning in the car …and internet…how do you wash your clothes again?

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