Vacation was so fun. It was so refreshing to spend a whole week only having fun. I haven’t done that in ages! I love spending time with the west coast fam, too. When we’re together, it just feels so fun and so comfortable. I like those two qualities to be balanced in my close relationships.

Senya is a fantastic traveler! In fact, I am writing this blog on the airplane. She is fast asleep in Collin’s arms. She seems to really enjoy traveling. Both days that we have woken up early to travel she seems to sense the excitement in the air. She also smiles at everyone she sees. This last bit is cute, but it can also lend itself to some strange encounters. My social alarm system starts sounding loud and clear whenever normative deviance is near.

For example, there was a lady in the airport bathroom who asked if she could hold Senya, and she asked this while she was already reaching out to take her from me. That was stranger danger. Then there was another lady yesterday who was trying to get Senya to bite her finger. “I don’t think we should bite strangers’ fingers” I said as I twirled away from her to get Senya to let go of the woman’s finger. I used to just faint when I was under social stress. As a mother, I feel the responsible thing to do is remain conscious and assert boundaries for the both of us. So I do.

Back to my vacation commentary-

I really loved feeling like a person and not a machine. Lately, life has been stressful and full of responsibilities. As you can see from my last post, my life can tend to feel more like a checklist of things that I need to do rather than an inspired life. Vacation reminded me of what it feels like to have fun.

I got to ROLLER SKATE on this vacation. I think I have mentioned elsewhere on twirling leaf about my love of roller skating. This past week on vacation we all went to a roller rink where people were serious about roller skating. Many people had customized roller skates handcrafted from their favorite pair of shoes. These people could skate, too. I mean, there was one couple who were dancing around the rink as if they were in a couples figure skating competition.

Another fun highlight was that Darby took me to her very special yoga studio and treated me to a yoga class. It was invigorating and challenging and relaxing. I loved it! I even found myself doing a split at one point during class. To clarify, this was normal given the context, but still! I haven’t done a split in years! Then when it came time for Chivasana, the important things in life were planted firmly in my mind’s eye and the distractions and worries had disappeared. I love yoga. I should make time and money for this to be a regular part of my life soon.

It was so good to be with those guys. Senya adored them, too! I am so glad that she got to spend time with them. I have moved once before to be close to these very people that surrounded me on this vacation. I may just have to move to be near them again.

We laughed. We ate delicious treats. We played rock band. We had good conversations. We went hiking. We had so much fun being alive and enjoying how much fun life can be.

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8 Responses to Vacation

  1. Jessic says:

    Um, really really weird that someone was trying to get Senya to bite her finger. Ew. I am glad that you are staying conscious and putting firm boundaries in place, Linds!

    And a). I am very glad you loved that studio; it is quite special, b). I am quite impressed that you did a split, and c). I would be happy to take a yoga class with you, if you feel so inclined and the time and $$$ to do present itself.

    Welcome back!!!

  2. mers says:

    I literally felt panic when I read the thing about the lady wanting to hold her and reaching out for her. Not normal. and HELLO?! Trying to stick your finger in a baby’s mouth? What is WRONG with people?

  3. Lindsay says:

    Yes. Totally creepy.

  4. Sare says:

    Linds!!! im so glad you guys had so much fun!!!! and i creepy about that lady!!!! i am so glad that you got to go to yoga with Darb- i love yoga so much- it can be hard, but so rewarding! and awesome on the split!!!:)

  5. Erin says:

    Hi Linds, I’m late reading this, but I just (at 10:15 pm, ugh) finished doing APA work and decided to check for new blog posts here before heading to bed. After I read about your weird stranger encounters, I had to share one I recently had. Coming home from NC after Thanksgiving, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner. I needed to change Kieran’s diaper, and on my way to the restroom, a woman standing just outside the door took one look at him and said, “Awww, I want one!” (She had to be in her 50s.) I sort of laughed, and then, since she was standing at the door to the bathroom, asked her if she was in line. She replied, “No. Unless you mean in line for the baby!” and reached out for him! Uhhh, no!

  6. mom says:

    if there ever was a person who needed to have fun after working so hard, it is you! and keep those social guards up!

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