I have not forgotten my blog. I have just been really preoccupied with some things like motherhood, school, and things pertaining to work.

Today I finally felt like I could breathe because I got some good news and came to a resolution about that decision that I had to make (thanks to my mom’s brilliant suggestion). I’m not officially allowed to make it public until tomorrow, but it’s a good situation.

I am nearing the end of my grant application. It’s a huge process. I am optimistic about it. I know it’s a competitive award, so I don’t really know what my chances are. I am thinking that it is a good proposal, though.

One of my very dear friends is coming to town for a visit, and I am very excited to see this anonymous friend who likes to keep his or her life confidential and elusive.

Senya is over 3 months old as of September 19. It’s crazy how quickly time has gone. At the same time, though, she seems like she’s always been a part of our life. I am so glad that she is here and part of our family.

I am in the midst of a school project, and as part of it I interviewed two of the pastors of my church. It was really good to hear their perspectives on a number of issues; it made me thankful to be part of an organization that encourages individuality in the expression of one’s faith.

I head back to work on October 4th. I’m not dreading it as I once was. I am feeling good about this upcoming fiscal year. My friend at work who runs the 3 annual APA conferences told me that Collin can work at our Eastern Division meeting (with Senya in a front pack!). This is really cool because that means that Collin will get paid to be there with me, and Senya will always be close. I’m glad because it’s right after Christmas, and I didn’t want to have to be away from these two. I wish Zuri could come, too, but I’m not sure the APA would employ her.

Collin went to visit one of our former professors (who is one of our favorite people on the planet), and came home with a classic canvas tent. I am really excited about it because it’s like the kind my family had when I was a kid. It’s way different than our two-person backpacking tent; it’s like a house compared to that.

I’m back up to running a respectable distance each time I run. I am happy about this, and I have met my September goals. Now onto October’s goals…

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