Some quick updates

Okay. Super-short post here. I’m pretty tired, and I want to get a good night’s sleep tonight. I think it’s funny because most new parents are tired because of their newborns. That is not why I am tired. Senya actually sleeps like a champion. She goes to bed at 9:30 or 10:00 and sleeps until 5 or 6. Then after she eats, she goes back to sleep until 10 or so. If I wanted to be, I could be rested all the time. But, I guess sleep isn’t always at the top of my list of priorities. It’s pretty high on the list tonight, though, so here are just a few updates:

I am working on an application for a competitive grant. I wrote the rough draft for the statement of purpose today. It’s exciting to imagine getting paid to do the project in Kenya that I am proposing.

I also will be applying to ph.d. programs this fall. I am looking into medical anthropology programs, social and cultural anthropology, and perhaps even sociology programs, if they have a social justice emphasis.

I have a pretty big decision to make in the next few days. It seemed like it fell from the sky. I was asked to keep the content of that decision confidential, so I shouldn’t blog about the details. It is something that could potentially be great for us (my little family), but I want to really think through it before committing to an answer.

Collin and I went on a dinner date to our new favorite local restaurant. It was really fun. We laughed a lot and talked, and it was good to just focus only on each other over some delicious  food.

That’s it for tonight, folks. Good night.

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